Minimalist unpacking

Well we are unpacked, except for out-of-season clothes and the computer (we bring our desktop and monitor back and forth across the globe… works for us). I’m on a borrowed laptop for the moment. Being minimalist made my unpacking so easy. My bathroom kit is one bag with all I need, always packed. Regular-use clothes go beside the bed. Boots and coat downstairs… not much more to it. I did bring a handful of books that are still packed until I start working next week: a child-rearing reference*, my second language dictionary and notes, a holy book, 4 hour work week*, creative real estate investing and my cookbook*.

I can’t now imagine having 2-3 suitcases each to unpack and put in wardrobes and closets. It is easy and stress free to take out the few items I use every day and know I have everything I need.

Household items can be trickier but we left behind all but the bare essentials (such as baby bottles for the flight) and bought replacement things yesterday. Since we are minimalists, there is no need for fully stocked kitchen so it wasn’t an expensive shopping trip. Most people only use a handful of tools anyway. Do consider putting the fancy utensils and machines in purgatory. Most rental places here are fully furnished so we only need to buy things above and beyond, such as a waffle maker for the weekly family tradition.

Also minimal is the number of things I have to do, but there are always essentials. Not to mention adjusting to the time difference (-8 hours) and finding where to base our recreation activities. So I’ll be offline for another week or two while I get our house in order.

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