One less thing: Packed bags

I only noticed it tonight… My evening consisted of hanging out with my kids and doing dishes, even though we had a major outing today. Why was it so simple?

The answer: I had automatically unpacked all my bags within 10 minutes of walking through the front door. I didn’t even register doing it (Ok, I admit I wasn’t being present!) but the chore had become an automatic “System Reset” routine.

I emptied the dirty dishes into the kitchen, kids clothes in the wash, hung up my wet swimsuit to dry, set aside receipts, put away my sweater and scarf, and hung up my bag in its place. The things to go upstairs, I put at the bottom of the stairs for my next trip.

It boils down to: Emptying your bags when you get home will bring peace and simplicity to your day. There will be no more rotting food or mouldy wet clothes, fewer lost papers, less “I can’t find it!” moments, and no headaches of digging through a bag for something you need RIGHT NOW.

Here’s your fieldwork: Immediately after entering your place of residence, empty your pockets, your bag, the kids’ stuff, your backpack, whatever. Put everything away (within reason, if you’re going out again, you know what I mean). It’ll only take a couple minutes, I promise. Do it every time and it’ll become a habit.

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