Minimalist jewellery

Minimalist jewellery means different things to everyone so let me tell you what I’m talking about: the fewest accessories we can own and use that show our styles and feel good. For me, this is a pair of dangling earrings and, once in a while, knuckles full of silver rings.

What’s the point?

There are more than one…

  • Owning jewellery of better quality. Means longer lasting jewellery, luxurious brands, timeless style and looking great.
  • Reducing the amount of jewellery we own. Means less maintenance, less storage, less jewellery and associated cases to take when travelling or moving, and less to choose from when dressing.
  • Having less jewellery to choose from. Means faster choices and therefore less stress, and always being in tune with personal style.
  • Being free of the urge to buy accessories on the spur of the moment, especially cheap ones. Means saving money, finding long-lasting satisfaction with the purchase, becoming a conscious consumer and being free of the lures of modern marketing.

How do I do it?

  • If you have nothing, go with it.
  • If you buy, choose a good quality piece of jewellery. It will look great and last a long time. This is going to be an investment piece or two or three to last you the rest of your life.
  • If you have loads, reduce your jewellery wardrobe. Cull the pieces that don’t fit your style statement. Sentimental? Keep a couple, photograph the rest and pass them to people who will love and use them daily.
  • When something breaks or wears, replace it with good quality that fits your style. (See point 2, If you buy)

The biggest “how do I do it”

Resisting the lure of today’s seductive marketing comes with practice. There are really two steps. The first is to know your style to the point where nothing flashy tempts you unless it’s really “you.” The second is to not buy, even when you feel the desire. Not buying is a destination for which minimalists reach. We buy less and less, learning and internalising that a purchase won’t satisfy any deep need.

Let me repeat this because it’s important: A diamond will not complete you. Another piece of jewellery will not satisfy any need you feel inside you.

… but I change my look all the time

Please go back to the very first, most important step of being a stylish minimalist. Find your style and you won’t need to change it. Happy days! Rest this part of your life and be at peace with who you are.

… but this sounds boring

There’s no denying the delicious feeling of a heavy ring or a jingly bracelet. How lovely to see the light wink and rainbow through a perfectly cut crystal. Try this: stop wearing it. Go without any jewellery for awhile instead of buying something new. It’s refreshing to go natural, and the jewels feel all the more special after a couple weeks or more of not wearing them.

Please tell me… what are your minimalist jewellery adventures, successes and failures?

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  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Nice to meet another family recently moved overseas (and kind of close to where we are in the IOM). Thanks for the washer dryer tip.
    Jewelery: I don’t wear much and never have. I own 2 pairs of earrings, two necklaces, wedding ring, engagement ring, and a set of 4 stacking rings. This is the most jewelery I have ever owned. It’s all of very good quality and, just realized, all have been gifts from my husband with the exception of one of the necklaces. It all fits in a small leather coin purse.

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