A Resolution for the New Year

How is your resolution after the first few weeks? I realise it’s a bit late, and that every other blogger has something to say about resolutions… but here’s my take for peace and joy.

The key to keeping a resolution is to continually restart it. We aren’t perfect so instead of “I had a piece of cake, might as well start the diet next week”, eat the cake (if you absolutely cannot say no) and begin the diet immediately after the last bite. No second helpings, either. Remind yourself why you’ve made this resolution.

Restart your resolution every 15 minutes if you need to, until it becomes your new way of living. I once set my mobile phone to chime every 30 minutes, reminding me to be present. Drove the family crazy but did the trick. That was four years ago and I still have the habit.

I think this is what many bloggers are talking about when they recommend against resolutions and aim to convince of the wisdom of tiny habit-setting. And certainly it is wise, seeing how humans are, well, human. We’re not digital so why do we think we can flip a switch come the first of every year? That’s due to another human characteristic… impatience. We want it and we want it now. So the real resolution ought to be: being okay with the slow changes and being determined and persistent enough to push through the hard times. To convince ourselves we want that result more than the easiness of our old ways.

So pick one thing you can resolve to change and stick to it over the course of the next year. Mine is to have great health, which has been my not-really-new-year resolution for the last 14 months. My daily habits for health are not perfect but are gradually becoming closer to what I want them to be.

What is your resolution for this year, and are you ready to re-declare it through the rest of 2012 and the rest of your life?

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