How to be motivated

The importance of good motivation

Motive is a reason to do something. If you have a good enough reason to do what you’re doing, excuses melt away. Think about someone who has survived a heart attack. After recovery, health is the priority and old temptations don’t have the same hold. When you know your motive for becoming a stylish minimalist, it’s easier to do the work and keep going when you’re making tough decisions.

There are different levels of motivation. “I want to look great” is a weak motive. It relies on others’ opinions, which will always fail because it’s impossible to get 100% approval from 100% of everyone.”I want to survive” is a strong motive that helps a recovering heart attack sufferer make healthy choices. There’s almost nothing more important than living. The stylish minimalist has a motive tied to deep needs.

Your motivation is what you need to thrive. Being a stylish minimalist may fulfill your need perfectly. Or it may be only part of the answer. Or it may not be what you’re looking for at all. Ask yourself what else you could do to meet this need. You might find a solution you never dreamed of that fits your life even better than stylish minimalism.

What motivates you

The answer is as individual as you are. Why are you reading this blog? Why do you want to be a stylish minimalist? That’s your motive. But don’t stop there. Go deeper to find the need that’s driving your desires. Then you’ll have a motive that trumps all excuses.

It can be tricky to ask objective questions then search for an honest answer. Take your time or get a trusted someone to help. Ask yourself: Why? What would that give me? What’s behind that? What do I want instead? Keep going until you find what you need to thrive. Here’s an example.

  • I want to be a stylish minimalist.
  • Why? I want a minimalist home and personal look.
  • Why? The clutter stresses me out but I don’t want to be blank.
  • What would a clutter-free environment give me? An easy life.
  • How so? I would have free time to relax in a clear environment.
  • What would that give me? Peace of mind.
  • What would it mean to have a clear environment that is not blank? Some style, some very “me” objects and activities.
  • What would that give me? Happiness. Joy.
  • I need peace and joy to thrive. They are my motives for being a stylish minimalist.

Minimalism brings me peace and expressing my style gives me joy.

Getting motivated

Hold on to your motive. Make it your mission. Take it into consideration when you make decisions. Throughout your day, consider if what you’re doing is consistent with your needs. When you are tired and uninspired, a good motive will get you moving.

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