The easy way to be stylish

The disconnect between style and minimalism

Stylishness and minimalism don’t usually go hand in hand. A minimalist has few things and simple routines. A stylish person often has many things and complicated or time-consuming routines. There is a point somewhere between the two where the stylish minimalist lives. That point is different for everyone. Finding it is key to consistency.

The easiest style is natural

Using your nature will help you to pare down while keeping your unique style. Natural styles are attractive and they stand the test of time. They are easy to create and maintain on a regular basis. Because a natural style uses fewer resources than an unnatural one, it costs less and is easier on the environment. Most importantly, natural style is authentic. It showcases the real you.

I’m not talking about uncut hair and bare feet (unless that is your style). It’s about going with the flow rather than pushing against it. So instead of straightening and colouring your hair, let your curls out and skip the dye job. You’ll get a healthy shine and the colour will flatter your skin tone. If you enjoy hip hop dancing, quit the ballroom dancing course and spend your time doing the dance you love. If you live in the Arctic circle, trade your backyard palm trees for evergreens or move south if you can’t live without them.

How to find yours

Before you can have a more natural style, you need to know what that nature is. It comes back to knowing yourself – your personality, your preferences, your body. The fastest way to develop your natural style is to go with the activities, people and things you’re naturally drawn to. There will be less resistance to your improvement than if you force things in an unnatural and awkward direction.

If you find yourself using a lot of time, energy, money or products to get something done on a regular basis, it’s likely that you’re fighting your nature. If you are on autopilot in any area of your life, take a step back to analyse what’s actually useful and what you’re just doing out of habit. Here are some questions to get you thinking and using a more natural style. Apply this process to every area of your life for a consistent style. Remember to think about career, environment, finance, health, looks, personal growth, recreation, relationships.

  • What steps in your routines can you drop that won’t compromise your style?
  • What tools do you use?
  • What would happen if you stopped using them?
  • Can you become comfortable with the more natural result?
  • Is there an easier way to tweak that result to fit your real style?
  • Which result is more “you”?

Have fun!

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