9 ways to experience peace and joy

Here are some facets of peace and joy. This is by no means a complete list so if you can add to it, please comment below. They’re easier said than done so I’ll add some links for more information. There’s no need to master all at once so pick one that calls to you and see how you can incorporate it into your life.

  1. Be in a calm environment. No alarms going off. No screaming neighbours. No infestations. And uncluttered room to work, play and rest.
  2. Have chores done. By keeping possessions to a minimum there is less to maintain and clean. Having a regular routine for cleaning also helps. You don’t need to be perfect to have the household mostly under control. Check out flylady for detailed how-to and regular encouraging emails.
  3. Have healthy relationships. Limit the time you spend with toxic people who just bring you down. Make room for the people who support you and love you. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone (Rom 12:18).
  4. Be healthy. Go for your annual physical. Eat well, exercise, get fresh air. Read up on ways to improve or eliminate your existing conditions.
  5. Get finances under control. Getting out of debt is a matter of putting cash on it instead of unnecessary stuff. Knowing where your money is and how the cash is flowing each month are the ways to keep your finances in check. It’s super unpeaceful to lie awake at night worrying.
  6. Enjoy beauty. It’s nice to enjoy nature with beautiful weather. Look at and cuddle with your loved ones and pets. Listen to great music and visit a museum. Whatever turns your key, focus your attention in the present, instead of thinking ahead, daydreaming or hanging on the past. Use your five senses to take it all in.
  7. Be prepared for an emergency. Get your emergency pack ready to go with food, water and other necessary items. Put your important papers in a fireproof, waterproof safe. Carry an emergency card with your family’s contact details and pin childrens’ inside their coats. Back up your computer files. Invest in health insurance.
  8. Enjoy memories. If a scent pulls you into my past, go with it. The more you are present, the more details you’ll be able to recall. Vivid experience makes for vivid memories.
  9. Daydream. Let your mad genius out of the box. Forget about planning and wonder… Could I live in Singapore for a year? Could I build my own movable home? Could I buy cheap acreage and live off the land? Explore a fantasy where anything is possible. You might not decide to go further with it, but some of the best ideas come from a crazy spark.

What else brings you peace and joy?

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