A home for everything

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

I want to do my system reset so I’ll put my book and purse away. Where should I put the book? It could go here, but I need to clean the drawer first. There’s too much in this drawer. I really ought to declutter it. So, what can I get rid of? I want to keep the necklace but it needs to stay upstairs in the bedroom. Oh, I need to clean out that cupboard too. Hmmm, what’s this doing here? I really use it back downstairs. I’ll just pop it
down there.

Does this sound familiar?

It goes on, until after two hours, we’ve ended up scrubbing the bathroom faucet with a toothbrush rather than putting the hammer back in the toolbox. And instead of a quick clean up we feel that we’ve accomplished nothing at all!

The solution is to have a home for everything. Know where everything goes, permanently. Cleaning up goes much faster and probably gets done more often.

It seems straightforward and in theory, it is. The important thing is to make the “homes” permanent. Here are some more tips.

  • When you bring something new into your life, decide on a permanent resting place for it when it’s at home.
  • Group like items: envelopes, stamps, tape, scissors and stapler in one vicinity.
  • Label it: This is for keys, nothing else permitted.
  • Have a home assigned for temporary items too: papers that come in the post, visitor’s shoes, lunchboxes waiting to go to out, library books.
  • Spend some time decluttering so there is space for the things you want to keep. Add 5-15 minutes at the end of a system reset for light decluttering.
  • Find creative storage solutions: keep the spare sheet set between box spring and mattress, first aid kid in the kitchen, shoes in the workshop.
  • No squatting. Put everything in its place. If it doesn’t have a home, decide on one.
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