The decline of style and a challenge

Initially this blog was called stylish minimalist. I renamed it because style and minimalism take a back seat to peace and joy. I adhere to my style and I’m a minimalist but the bigger concerns of life occupy my resources, and I would gladly forfeit style for joy and give up minimalism for peace.

What this translates into is spending only a percent of what I did before on how I look and how I arrange my house. And using that time, money and energy to bring some peace and some joy to the lives of myself and others.

Your takeaway is a challenge: to focus on your life’s mission and to lessen how much of yourself you dole out to other pursuits.

So if your vision is for a world where every child has a great education, spend your weekend tutoring rather than redecorating your kitchen. If you want great health for senior citizens, donate a fifth of your paycheque to medical research rather than spending it on entertainment. If you want your children to be happier, unplug the TV, wake up early and spend the day with them.

It’s a version of “put your money where your mouth is,” only it also includes your time and energy. It can be as radical as downsizing your house or as simple as donating a few hours to charity.

What can you do now to make an impact towards your goals?

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About Tabatha

My vision for myself and for the world is peace and joy. Everything I post will be to this end. Style and minimalism are a big part of my life within my vision. Minimalism brings me peace, and style brings joy. I post on topics covering environment, relationships, finance, personal growth, health, career and recreation.

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