Taking on constructive criticism

“You must do it this way”

Might be a quote from your boss. Your partner. Parent. A friend. Whoever. This comment is going to grate.

It is so hard to take constructive criticism. It feels like a demand, even sounds like one. But as seekers of peace and joy we must not discard information based on our emotional reaction. Otherwise we miss out on a potential goldmine of information.

We need to cool down and reflect: what of this criticism is useful to me? What came from their heart? What will improve my (or my loved one’s) life? And the scariest question: Are they right?

It’s not comfortable but it’s important to take on all advice that comes our way. We need to sift through each piece of wisdom (or un-wisdom, as the case may be) and take what will work, then make it a part of our lives.

The reason this is one of the most difficult things to do, is because who we are, at our cores, who we were raised as, is something we struggle to set aside. Parents, teachers, leaders, relatives and mentors have given us their best and it’s natural to feel that it’s the best. Ever.

Even if it’s not the best one, our culture is so deeply enrooted in our egos that it is almost physically painful to lay it down and admit that it is not the ultimate and best for everyone on the planet.

But if we truly want to improve ourselves, it’s necessary to open our minds and consider how there are better ways. Better ways to live, act, think, wonder and be. Use your vision to determine if a morsel of advice will improve you. In this way, we can look outside our world and learn how to see infinite possibilities.

If you strive to be the best you can, you must take all input and apply the best of it. That’s a constructive suggestion 😉

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