The always principle

Not just sometimes

If you’re going to become a swimmer, you don’t dip your toe in the pool, take weeks off, or spend most of your time practicing underwater handstands. You take lessons, get coaching and (most importantly) dive in and practice the strokes! You build up your stamina and perfect your technique each time you swim. The moment which you can say “I am a swimmer” is not when you decide to become a swimmer, but when you begin actually swimming. And you will maintain your swimmer status only if you continue to swim.

You can say the same thing about being a stylish minimalist. Doing a little decluttering here, a little wardrobe update there, does not a stylish minimalist  make. Take some lessons, get coaching and (again, most importantly) take the plunge and practice being a stylish minimalist! Consistently practicing will make you a stylish minimalist. Like swimming, it will become easier and you will hone your style.

Unlike swimming, location is unimportant for stylish minimalism. In fact, you can practice this lifestyle everywhere, in every area of life. Throughout your day, make decisions, do actions and think thoughts that line up with your definition of stylish minimalist. The more you practice, the more defined and personal your style will be.

This is called the always principle because a stylish minimalist is (or tries to be) stylish and minimalist always: all day, every day.

How to always be a stylish minimalist

Being stylish and minimalist all the time is a habit. Use the following techniques to get started.

  1. Get ready every morning. Make it part of your routine to set your style at the beginning of every day. Even on days off and when you don’t expect to see anyone, be your stylish self! If it takes too long to get ready, simplify your style.
  2. Plan your daily activities. Think about what you do regularly. How can you make these activities more stylish and minimalist? For example, plan your style for transportation and how you will be minimalist in the meals you eat.
  3. Declutter. When you have less things, you have less to always keep in your style. Use the time and energy you would have spent maintaining these things to customise your style and do things that take you closer to the stylish, minimalist life you want.
  4. Minimise your words. Use the time instead to prepare what you’ll say with your style. Practice a vocabulary and tone that is “you” every time you speak or write.
  5. Pare down your actions and commitments. You’ll have more energy to put into your unique style. The less you do, the easier it’ll be to be stylish, always.
  6. Use reminders to reset yourself. Set an alarm on your portable phone to go off each hour or tie a string around your finger. Remember why you’re doing this and what your final destination looks like.
  7. Get inspired. Talk to and read other minimalists to get ideas for your life. Socialise with similarly-minded people. Hire a coach for brainstorming and support. Finding your definition of stylish minimalist will make it easier for you to become stylish and minimalist.

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